What People Say

“I recently had the opportunity to meet with Rochette and Marcena for a clearing. These two ladies make up one incredible powerhouse. They dug deep, helped to send me on the path of healing past trauma, and completely changed my perspective. I could feel the energetic ‘junk’ leaving my body. I took their advice and made sure to be extra gentle with myself over the next week or so, as I could still feel a shift. These 2 women helped me to go from living with fear to finally feeling like I am in charge of my life. Thank you so so much.”

Chianna J.

“My session with Rochette and Marcena was absolutely amazing. They both were so kind, compassionate, and loving. I came into it not really knowing what to expect or where it would go but they both were so patient and guided me through the process. Everything they said was genuine and eye-opening. The whole process helped me heal tremendously and gain new and much needed insight into things I’d never had the chance to explore before. It was an experience I will never forget and I’m so thankful that Marcena and Rochette were the ones to guide me through it”

Ava W.

Step into your full power.

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