About Rochette & Marcena

Rochette Withers

I offer Vibrational Healing and Intuitive Readings for individuals and animals as a clairaudient, clairvoyant and clairsentient, primarily. That is to say, I receive messages by hearing sounds, seeing visions and feeling sensations as an Empath.  Spiritual energy shows up for me in the form of the essence of those around us physically, those that have passed, and from a myriad of enlightened beings; including Spiritual Guides, Angels, Saints and Ascended Masters.  I create a positive and welcoming environment for messages to be given in the highest form and for the highest good of all involved and proceed with trust, peace and surrender to the blessing of what is meant to be shared and what the recipient is ready to receive.

My history is comprised of earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology from LeMoyne College Class of ’87 in Syracuse, NY.  My greatest source of pride and joy is as Mom to three beautiful souls; John Raine, Sophia and James. My mission as a Vibrational Healer and Spiritual Medium is to serve those for the good of this world and the next in co-creation of our Heaven on Earth with love for ourselves, each other and our Creator.

Marcena Batya

My entire life I have been a highly sensitive empath. I struggled with severe anxiety and depression for years… It seemed like my mental, emotional, and physical health were constantly imbalanced. For a long time life felt unbearable. Nothing seemed to alleviate the deep suffering I was experiencing… until I found yoga and energy healing.

My spiritual journey truly blossomed when I was pregnant with my only daughter, Seraphina. Knowing I was going to be a mom, I began to deepen my spiritual and healing journey so that I would not pass the trauma I had faced down to my daughter.

My journey began with therapy, prayer and learning about faith… and about a year after my daughter was born, I completed Yoga Teacher Training and became a Reiki Practitioner at Infinite Light Center in Jamesville, NY. During these trainings I began to come back into my body and reconnect to myself. I was soon hearing, feeling, and seeing spirit and energies. Since then, I have spent each day remembering and mastering who I truly am.

Not only am I a human who has walked through and survived darkness; I am simultaneously a soul who came to Earth to share my light. I use my gifts and abilities to help others find their light, too. My mission in this life is to help others end their suffering, to spread love, light and truth into the world, to rid myself and others of illusion and pain, and to share what I learn along the way.

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