The Master Inside

by Rochette Withers

I work with the public. Only a very small amount of my clientele are my personal friends. People come to me for readings and healing, day in and day out, that I’ve never met.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it here yet again: after all this time, even after hundreds of sessions with people from all over the world, it’s still shocking to me how most people have no clue how beautiful they are.

Yes, I do mean that in the obvious, visually-pleasurable way that their physical traits invite us to recognize. Mostly, I’m referring to that undeniable reflection of beauty lying within that comes shining through despite the host’s attempts to hide, diffuse or deny.

The truth is… the body cannot lie. It doesn’t have the tools. It is naturally equipped to serve the Master Inside that is the real you, the eternal and divine you, the one that lived before it chose this blessed vehicle and will go on after it lets go, regardless of its earnest focus and inherent worth.

Look into your partner’s eyes. They are as fluid as the ocean and can change just as fast. Before we take a full inhale and exhale, the flecks of color shift thousands of times over. Watch how their depth and clarity is exposed with a kiss on the lips of their beloved.

Listen to a stranger’s voice. Without seeing a thing or understanding the language they speak, we can hear who they are. We get a sense of what pains them and what they long for as soon as the sound waves hit our ears. We can interpret purity of thought and intention through the barely-audible expression of a mere few words from across the room.

Feel the warmth of your best friend’s smile. The simple pleasure and unspoken joy of being together shores us up beyond measure. This match-up of free will bears witness to the value we hold by simply being alive that we too often choose to forget. Friendship renders purpose to fun when the rest of the world beckons us toward incessant work… as if striving and reaching ever got us anywhere.

Instant soul-to-soul connection to one another has so much irrefutable beauty we can barely stand it. We see it, hear it and feel it to the point of bombardment, disengagement, and refusal in order to get a break just long enough to find our center and get our bearings.

In the end, it is the connection we share through all this beauty we can barely tolerate because of its enormity. The pain of separation is a lie we tell ourselves. There is no disconnection… there is only love… and all we have to do is open our eyes, ears and heart to feel what’s been there all along… waiting for us to welcome each other home.



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