Who are we?

We are Rochette Withers and Marcena Batya. We are spiritual mediumschannels for messages from beyond what the eyes can see and ears can hear.

We are also both energy healers. We use our gifts and abilities to help others come into their gifts and abilities!

What is a Spiritual Reading?

A Spiritual Reading is a meeting between the souls of the Reader and the client. During a Spiritual Reading, we intuitively read energies and situations from past, present, and potential future. The purpose is to offer insight, guidance, and understanding of experiences, paths chosen, and/or present life circumstances. Our mission is to support the client in fulfilling their life path and purpose.

What is Energy Healing?

Everything in the universe is made up of energy and energy cannot be created or destroyed… only transformed. Simply put, Energy Healing is the process of transmutation; the transforming of dark energy into light.

Throughout life we all have many experiences, and although we survive and get through them, often times, both our energy body and physical body hold memory of the traumas we endure. These body memories can cause density, pain, dis-ease, and suffering.

What is a Healing Session like?

A Healing Session typically lasts about 90 minutes. In this time, we will receive and share messages and guidance from your highest self -your soul- to aide in your healing.

These messages will be messages of love, light, and deep healing.

Through these messages we will be guided, if necessary, to perform a clearing or healing; removing dark or dense energies that can be formed from trauma, grief, or pain.

Imagine your soul is a diamond, buried beneath layers of dirt…

The layers of dirt represent trauma (your own, as well as generational trauma,) pain, grief, etc.

We are simply clearing, cleansing, and lifting the layers; digging until you are able to find your diamond. Your true self.

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